We have been raising ADGA registered purebred Lamancha and Grade dairy goats since 1995. We dam raise our kids and raise our herds using natural and preventative methods as a first step to producing goats we can be proud of
2020 Tangled Vine Farm Kids!

Spring kids are in the works and begin arriving March 1st 2020!
We will freshen 4-5 does this year (2019) primarily using SGCH+*B Lone Thistle Qadan as the herd service sire and having *B York Mtn. ZZ Leaf freshen our yearlings. 
 We will retain 1-2 doe kids and possibly 1-2 buck kids but that is not to say they won't be available for sale a little later on down the road.

*LEGEND- D(doe) B (buck) R (retained) H (hold/deposit taken) A (available for sale)
Our Kids
Our kids are naturally birthed and dam raised by disease free parent stock in a MONITORED HERD. WE IMPRINT AND HANDLE OUR KIDS FROM BIRTH TO GIVE THEM THE BEST BLEND OF SOCIALIZATION SKILLS!